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You don't indicate what time of day you will arrive and depart, but Incheon Airport offers a series of free Transit Tours of varying lengths and departing at various times of the day. The shorter tours are within the city of Incheon, which is a major city in its own right, whereas the 5-hour tours are of sights and sites in Seoul. While such bus tours are ...


Seoul has two 'real' Chinatowns: 1) Garibong-dong (가리봉동), down the hill from near Guro (구로) stn exit 3. This is the larger of the two, and insular to the point that not many Koreans, much less other tourists, venture here. It's also under threat from a giant redevelopment project that's been imminent for several years, but I was unable to find any ...


I think there is explanation of your question http://guidetokorea.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/air-raid-sirens-in-seoul-no-cause-for-alarm/ the siren will most likely only ever be a test out here. Check the time if you do hear it. 11am or 2pm on the dot are generally the test times. The siren will last 2-3 minutes then stop.


I don't think you'd have much time- it's about one hour to downtown by train (they say 43 minutes, but they run 10-20 minutes apart), and of course you'd have to transit customs and immigration both ways, as well as security. Here is the train schedule.


Short answer: You can't. (Sensibly, anyway.) JR is not a single company, but whole bunch of them, and their integration is less than stellar. The Tokaido Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kyoto is operated by JR Central (Tokai). While they do offer an online booking service, it's -- rather incredibly -- a paid, members-only service that requires registration ...


Songnae is a suburb of Seoul. In addition to the random drinking holes you'll find around the station (and any station in Seoul), you've got a one-seat ride on subway line 1 to Yongsan, Seoul's largest foreigner-friendly nightlife district, and a single transfer to Hongdae/Sinchon, for the Korean and nightclub experiences.


According to this blog, there is a "gigantic authentic unofficial Chinatown" in Seoul near "Guro-go": The address is: Yenbian Street: Garibong-dong, Guro-gu


10 days from now is May 7, the tail end of Golden Week. Highly unlikely you will get a reserved ticket on anything heading for any major city. Japanese people reserve their Golden Week tickets many months in advance. You can, however, get an unreserved ticket at Kyoto station and just wait in line. You will likely end up standing the whole way as trains do ...


MikkaRin has it right, these drills aren't anything to be concerned about. When they do happen, traffic is meant to come to a halt (some choose to ignore) and things generally go quiet except for the sirens. Seeing fighter jets was a daily norm for me (lived in Ulsan for a year) and they are always out and about, but nothing to be concerned of.


The same questions showed up in TripAdvisor, and on FlyerTalk even though not with the same airport or airline. In TripAdvisor one traveler mentions he checked a new bag during a stop in Amsterdam flying by KLM and he had no problem. On FlyerTalk another traveler says he checked a new luggage during a layover in Frankfurt (doesn't mention which airline he ...

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