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Probably the only time you can expect your home country to get involved is when the crime you're accused of isn't a crime in your home country. For example, printing negative opinions about the government isn't a crime in the US, and they might help someone who was arrested for that in a country where it is. If you're accused of assaulting or robbing ...


Depending on the countries involved, both are possible and there are a few other scenarios too. You are arrested, prosecuted locally and serve your sentence where you committed your crime. As others have said, local law fully applies, it happens all the time. Your home country should be informed and can at most complain and try to exert some pressure on a ...


Plenty of countries have agreements where you can serve your sentence in your home country after you have been convicted in the country you were prosecuted in. Being put on trial in another country from where the crime was allegedly committed is extremely uncommon (and also would generally no make much sense), but theoretically possible. That said, ...


It would depend on the crime and sentence, but basically: The US cannot get a citizen out of another country's prison is one example of an embassy stating this, and indeed, especially if they are allies, countries tend not to get engaged in the laws and cases in other countries. Of course, you can ask your embassy /consulate for a visit and they can do ...


It sounds like your single protagonist is trying to slip through alone, without being seen at all? One would presume that the best area for this would be as deep in the bush as possible, so far from big cities on either side. You could take a page from actual news: Montagnard refugee groups are hiding in the jungle along the northern part of the border ...


According to this article Ta Mau is believed to be the largest hotspot for smugglers in the Mekong Delta region. Multiple types of products in large numbers are gathered and classified by day at the Vietnam-Cambodia border gate and are piled into boats and smuggled into Vietnam at night.


Just to confirm that what they say above about high crime rates is not true. I've been living for more than 20 years in several cities of that area and i could say that you could feel safe walking in the streets almost at any time of day and night. Of course that there exist places where is better not to go.

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