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I just got back from le sacre coeur and went online immediately to find out what the deal with the strings were. I was very persistent in getting away from them but they are relentless. At first I saw them and I put on my headphones and played music loudly thinking that would cause them to not try like most other French scammers, but my Cal beanie easily ...


Every cruise ship I have been on does do a security search for all passengers boarding the ship both for embarkation and returning from a port stop. Items deemed dangerous such as knives will be confiscated. However, in my experience the items will be returned at the end of the voyage.


Not only is the "radiation" issue invalid, but the privacy issue is also a non-issue. After the public's dislike of the remote viewing of images, the scanners were changed so that instead of producing an image that someone looks at and then radios the screening person where to check the passenger, it now automatically finds objects itself and uses a generic, ...

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