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Depending on the day and how busy they are, you might be able to just check them in for your next trip. I did it quite early for one from Seattle to Portland as well - very similar trip actually. As you approach the ticket windows, on your left is the baggage check in and the guy will give you a ticket for it. Alternatively, if they say it's too early, ...


By "place" are you looking for what destinations you should look for a vacation in, or for what site to do your search in? My answer is around the destinations you should try looking into. Puerto Vallarta is a great option-- most of the time you can even find direct flights from Seattle on Alaska Air. There are also a lot of smaller towns and beaches ...


For view - an hour and a half. It's worth doing at least once. Brunch is an excellent way to do SkyCity restaurant + rotating view -- it's a little more affordable than dinner. You will want to make reservations (even at brunch).


You can always (or almost always) extend a car rental. Generally this is done by just calling the rental agency 24 hours before the scheduled drop-off time to request additional time. Naturally, it happens automatically, as well, if you don't return the vehicle as scheduled, although it would very possibly incur penalties to do so. And if you wait too long ...

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