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No, you'll not get a refund. RAC tickets are often shared between passengers. You had two tickets and you got one, but often there are cases when you have one ticket and you get half. Meaning, you get to share your berth with a stranger! Indian Railways charges you to transport you from point A to point B. For most cases, traveling is important, and even ...


Every airline handles advanced seat selection differently. Some allow you to pick any seat at any time (although that is becoming less and less common). Others will allow you to pick a "bad" seat for free (eg, at the back of the plane, or a middle seat) but pay to select a better seat. Some others again will charge for any seat selection, with the amount ...


I am not convinced "seats in close proximity to a bathroom can be bothersome," is entirely a matter of opinion and since not answered above offer some reasons. I suppose these may not bother some people but I do see a difference between seats close to a toilet and those not, regardless of whether an individual's assessment of these is favourable or adverse. ...


Boeing 777 are nine across seating in economy, with most airlines now set up with a 3-3-3 configuration. When it first came out, the standard was 2-5-2, but that was not popular with travelers.

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