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I won't be able to cover all areas I'm interested in. But someone may be able to help with the rest (Java & Sulawesi) later? Bali All the freediving schools are in east Bali. In Amed & Tulamben. In Amed there are Apneista (the oldest school) & Fusion Freedive. In Tulamben (15 drive north of Amed) there is Apnea Bali. The Gili islands ...


The best offer I got so far was 1.8 millions IDR for renting a surf board one month in Bali (Canggu). The nice part of this deal is that the owner of the shop told me he could not do a better deal as it is now the high season (August) but he'd allow me to change board every week if I need to (as I'm learning). I'll update this answer if I get any other ...

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