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You can take a bus from Quetzaltenango to Guatemala city, then check the guatemalan airline (tag.com.gt) for a flight to Honduras, you can land in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, or Roatán. This is all I can help you, never went to Honduras before Hope you enjoyed my beautiful country Guatemala


As owner of a yacht there is no problem. I have been in contact with Bobby Schenk, a well-known German open-sea sailor who writes about problems on board, in your case firearms. As owner of your boat the relevant law for possessing and storing weapons is your country of origin, in your case USA, more specifically your state law. I suppose you have all ...


Don't do it. As long as you stay within American waters, you are ok (I suggest keeping a copy of your gun permit with you). While you are in international waters, you are probably still ok. However as soon as you cross a border into any other country, you are bound by laws of that country. If by the laws of those countries you are not allowed to ...


I can only agree with some of the others here. Sailing south of South America is a very demanding route. I've been in Antarctica with my own boat and are now heading back from Uruguay/Buenos Aires. I'm looking for crew and I get some proposals. Mostly from people with just that 'a bit romantic' touch: I have no experience and no money, but I work hard' ...

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