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I am an American who was raised and grew up in the northern Philippines. There is a way to travel to Taiwan from Aparri or Sta Ana, Both in Cagayan. Sta Ana by RoRo or from Aparri by pump boat. the trip takes a day. rough waters. you travel via the Batanes Islands, maybe a stop in Basco. Its about $20 for fare.


There are several agencies offering freighter journeys. Some of them do advertise one-way crossings but even if they don't you can always ask. You need to contact them, explain your needs and see if they can find a ship for you in any case. It's not like a cruise ship with a fixed schedule or a flight which you can book online in a few minutes. Here are a ...


Building up on one of Andrew's answers (+1), there are many freighters on this route and some of them do take passengers. There are a number of agents selling these trips and while they often focus on long transcontinental trips, it's sometimes also possible to book “partial journeys” between two ports on a longer freighter line. As an example, this German ...


What I read about it suggests that freighter travel can be (and often is) booked a year before the departure date. It's not an absolute rule, and some agencies do offer “last-minute” trips, but there is some paperwork to be taken care of (insurance, medical check-up, vaccination) and most people seem to plan such trips well in advance so that some routes are ...

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