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I can't speak to the time taken but you can probably start with Freighter Expeditions as a starting point. As far as I can tell there is only one route that enters a port in India and it originates in Malaysian Port Tanjung Pelepas. The entire journey takes 21 days but I don't think that India -> Malaysia takes that long but you will need to call the ...


Do you have a valid work visa for Portugal? Do you have any qualifications to work on a freighter? Ordinary / Able Seaman? Deckhand? Cook (with ship experience - it's not a hotel)? Given that you asked here, I would guess no. You can try the larger ports, but the days of just walking up to a ship and getting a short-term job are ling gone. Have Plan B ...


You should think of the regulation allowing you to sail within 20 miles from a safe haven, rather than offshore. In nautical terms, a safe haven is a port, harbour, or any other sheltered place suitable for mooring. A flat coast constantly subject to strong winds and strong currents and waves might not be considered a safe haven. Thus the distance is not ...


It also says "in coastal waters." I would take this to mean that sailing from small islands in the ocean is not covered. As for where to measure the 20 miles from, it's from the shore, not from the marina.

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