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As a retired SEAL I find the comments regarding weapon selection absolutely hilarious. If you want a standoff weapon own and know how to use an M4 / AR variant. In regards to the legality of possessing that rifle while cruising TALK TO A MARITIME ATTORNEY (and keep his card lol). The realities of the pirate situation are such that you are going to lose a ...


CruiseSheet is going to be your best bet. Given your departure and destination locations, here are the results for Cruise ships going from Sydney to the West Coast of the United States. The site catalogs cruises from all over the world into a searchable directory that allows you to optimize by departure and destination location, as well as price. The ...


Apparently there are no direct ferries: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294217-i1496-k936500-Travel_by_ferry_from_Hong_Kong_to_Taiwan-Hong_Kong.html It would be unlikely to save any money: see http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Hong-Kong/Taipei. A mid week round trip ticket is around US $200 on Hongkong airlines or China Air. Maybe US $250 on Eva. Cathay ...


Yeah, there are a few options, but air travel is still likely to be the cheapest, as it's a long way to go by ferry. However, for comparison: Hong Kong to Taipei on Rome2Rio shows options including combinations of bus, train, ferry and flights. It still unfortunately looks like a flight is the likely cheapest option.

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