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When paying for a purchase, be sure to make the cashier aware that you are using a U.S. style credit card which requires them to swipe the card and for you to sign for the purchase. Although U.S. style credit cards are no longer issued in the United Kingdom and Ireland, most cash registers are still equipped to process transactions this way. You may, ...


No policeman is going to arrest you for riding in a park. I'd be surprised if you can't ride in all the parks in Glasgow (or almost any other city in the UK) for that matter. Give pedestrians the right of way and be considerate and you'll be fine.


For most retailers you can still pay with a card that only has a magnetic strip. However, there are a couple of caveats to that. As previously mentioned, some automated systems, such as at petrol stations or transit ticket machines, may reject these cards, which will mean you might have to use manned sale points. Technically, if they accept Visa or ...


Yes, riding a bicycle in the parks of Glasgow is allowed. Now even more so that there are new bicycle rental schemes in place, right at the entrance of parks.


I was in Scotland this summer, and my American cards worked in every ATM (with PIN) and every establishment (with signature) where I tried them. Sometimes I had to remind the clerk to use the swipe on the side of the terminal instead of inserting the card. My only failures, not on this trip, were in France, at an automated parking garage exit and in the ...

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