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The short answer is that paths are rarely marked well, and it is generally necessary to have a map and to know how to read it. Scotland has a long-established right to roam, meaning you can walk anywhere as long as you avoid cultivated land, gardens, and area immediately around buildings. That's great for hikers, but the flip side is that there are few ...


I'm not aware of anywhere that you're specifically more likely to see weasels (outside of zoos and wildlife parks), but there's a load of hill and paths you can go on with a chance of seeing them. In Scotland you can pretty much go anywhere (apart from people's gardens) but I'd recommend sticking to established paths (there are loads of these all over the ...


There are more than 3000 events in a wide variety of categories happening this year. You can find details and book tickets at the official website. Tickets are per-event, but you can expect an amount of free entertainment on the streets of Edinburgh, in particular along the Royal Mile.


I would recommend a trip to the village of St Abbs. It has a lovely little harbour, nice food options and a nice rocky bit of coastline. Takes about an hour to get there by car from Edinburgh. Dunbar (along the route) is also pleasant.

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