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A good question, and yes, you are correct. A few things to understand: The Entry Reciprocity Fee is ONLY charged at SCL. It applies (differently) to citizens of Albania, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Other citizens don't have to pay. (Yay for the Kiwi passport!) The receipt for payment of the reciprocity fee is attached to your ...


Edit: Note that the reciprocity fee has been removed for US citizens - see Is there still reciprocity fee at Chile airport entry for US citizens? (after US Visa waiver) for more details. Original answer, still correct for citizens of some countries : Officially I believe the fee is payable no matter how you enter the country, however the simple truth is ...


Not really. You can actually easily check where you can fly from Quito via the Airport's Website looks like you are able to fly to Guayaquil


On my recent trip, the reciprocity fee was required of citizens of only four countries and the US was not one of them. These countries were easily identified by their flags in the immigration area of the SCL airport (if this is your country's flag, turn left here): Albania, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

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