Questions about traveling for or during breaks in the academic year, which vary from region to region.

Interruptions in the academic year (which may variously be referred to as holidays, vacations, or breaks) vary very considerably in duration, frequency, timing, and impact on the traveler, from level to level and region to region and often from institution to institution. See Academic term at Wikipedia for a very general overview. They can have a significant impact on travel, as both family trips with school-aged children as well as rowdy events like Russ and Spring Break are arranged around the academic schedule.

This tag is for questions about travel for or during scheduled school holidays in a particular region, which should be specified. Questions about organized school outings, or about unanticipated closures (as for inclement weather or disasters), should not carry this tag.

Often, the holidays are timed to coincide with , and questions which relate to the general observance should carry the most generally applicable tag, e.g. or .

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