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Japanese schools differ by area. In Hokkaido, the long winter means longer winter holidays. Opposite applies in the south. Public holidays are universal though, inc Golden Week. From my experience holidays are usually end Mar / start April, August and mid / end Dec to early January. New school year starts in April.


Strangely enough I have been looking for ages as well today for this information. Have just rung the Japanese embassy here in Sydney and hoping they will come up with it. I work at a Japanese school in Australia and we are trying to link our term dates with there's and we still cannot find. roughly I have 10 April - July 20 for term 1, Sept 1 Dec 20 for ...


http://myschoolholidays.com/The-Japanese-School-15161 The golden week starting 29 of April and ending 5th of May, and some National holidays are not on the calender.


According to this site, schools seem to differ depending on where they are. The basics are on Wikipedia. If it's for travel, this should give you some idea at least.

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