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After some inspection and asking few crew members. It turns out that if you enter any country within the Schengen area as a crew member then you can move within the Schengen area. Make sure you have your passport and a copy of the crew members General Declaration. UPDATE: I went to Amsterdam and came back, I asked the police at the station in Paris and he ...


You are not able to use your Schengen Visa to enter Bora Bora. Instead you should apply for "visa for French Overseas collectivities". You must apply this visa directly to French Embassy. For detail, please take a look at this article from French Embassy.


If you are going to Thailand because of work, you can try to get it approved. I've read somewhere that "Personal business visits have to be authorized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry." It seems like if you are going there because you work on an aircraft that is flying there, it would count as "personal business". Ministry of Commerce and Industry ...


Yes it should be fine to visit the UK from Saudi Arabia the week before your visa expires. You must leave the UK by this date, unless you have successfully applied for permission to extend your stay. In some immigration categories, you cannot apply to extend your stay. They suggest that you apply for permission to extend your stay (if you are allowed to do ...


I do not believe it is possible for a Canadian citizen to get a Canadian visa. You can enter and leave Canada on any passport you want, but a Saudi passport does not have visa-free access to Canada, so that wouldn't work either.


So as you have realised, a visa is required for tourist purposes for citizens of Saudi Arabia visiting South Africa. It depends a little on how thorough you want to be - but basically, the more prepared you are, the better chance you have. For example, the most common documents cited as required include: Passport valid for 6 months beyond date of ...


I'm not exactly sure what a general declaration is, but chances are you won't be allowed to travel outside the issuing country. To travel around in the Schengen area you generally need a Schengen visa (or be a citizen of a Schengen country). This being said, there is of course the option of just going anyway. There are no routine checks at borders within ...

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