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You could take the BART (Pittsburg/Bay Point–SFO/Millbrae line) from SFO to Millbrae and catch the Caltrain from there to San Jose. Here's a BART system map: And a Caltrain system map: The next cheapest option might be a SuperShuttle.


Although I'm not living there now, I spent 25 years in the Bay Area. Although in a number of companies like Google and Facebook, I am sure there are lots of programmers wearing T-shirts and jeans, I think it would be safer to wear chinos/khakis and either a polo shirt or a buttoned shirt, but probably not white. With latter, I would think a sweater would ...


I mainly agree with @pnuts answer but feel that points 2 (dress casual) and 6 (jacket, white shirt, and chinos/black jeans) are in conflict. So some things to think about Because you are not going there for training only, but to meet other software engineers and foster a stronger relationship between the two companies, I believe you should dress in business ...


Some general advice that might apply anywhere, except that in general a suit is "fail safe" and I think for the bay area you should aim for something less formal: Be sure you are comfortable with what you choose (you want to exude confidence and not be distracted in any way by something as mundane as clothing). If in doubt, dress casual. As a traveller ...

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