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I hate to tell you this, but when I ran your dates on Hotels.com, the places for $200/night in San Francisco proper double as homeless shelters and bottom-end hot-sheet motels. The cheapest I would book—I live in the area—was $350, and even it isn't very nice. You will have to check many sites looking for one with a special deal, and check the ...


Yes. You can take the Fremont–Daly City line from the Montgomery Street Station to the Oakland Coliseum Station. From the Oakland Coliseum Station you can take the Coliseum-Oakland Airport line to the airport. BART map:


If most of your meetings are in Santa Clara, why would you stay 50 miles away in San Francisco? There are plenty of cheaper options in the South Bay, where Santa Clara is. Why not stay in Santa Clara? Although there is an NFL game there on Sep 14 (Monday night). I'd actually recommend San Jose. There's an airport there. There are plenty of hotels there. ...


It is too late now, but since you mention several countries you might have been able to change the Consulate you needed to apply to by breaking from the group briefly. You have not provided specific details and presumably never will but perhaps one extra day in a country other than Italy at the expense of a day in Italy would have been enough to make that ...


Motel 6 in Santa Clara is about $100/night. Public transportation would only make sense if your destinations are reachable by public transport. If not you may need a rental car or take an Uber.

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