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Accord to the Salzburger Verkehrsverbund, a single ticket from Salzburg to Bad Ischl costs 10.10 EUR: You can indeed buy the ticket from the driver. The Austrian Federal Railways quote a fare of 4.10 EUR for a single 2nd class ticket from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt:


I don't know where you got it from, but the Wachau is definitely not a ski region. So, yes it is fine for non-skiers. By definition, so to say. The Wachau a quite picturesque region. It has some interesting historical monuments. The Wachau is also famous for its wine. An interesting way to explore the place and enjoy the landscape is by cycling. Have a look ...


Yes. It is easy and you have several options. From the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Airpot, you can easily reach ski resorts located in the Salzburger Land or even in Tyrol. There are busses. You also have tthe possibility to take a taxi or shuttle. Eventually, you can rent a car. As an example, Faistenau and the Fuschlsee are only a 30 minutes car drive from ...


If you are travelling through Wachau, the ruins in Duernstein and Loiben are remarkable, Duernstein having a connection to the myth of Blondel the singer. Both venues offer breath taking views of the Danube. And of course the local cuisine is a treat.


Sometimes while travelling, tourists need to 'stock up' on a variety of items. Other times one family member may be attending a business meeting and the other family members need to kill a few hours until the family is reunited again. If a place is new and there are language barriers, it is natural for people in some cultures to contemplate what they would ...


How about Coworking Salzburg? They rent coworking space for as little as 25EUR (as of writing), including a desk, power outlets and Wi-Fi. The location is not exactly central, but to be fair coworking spaces rarely are.


Since Königssee and Salzburg are much closer to each other than to Munich, it should definitely save your some time and money, roughly 2 hours and 50 EUR. You'll have to decide whether that's worth the hassle of switching acommodations twice, dealing with luggage, etc. You'll probably have more choice regarding acommodation in Salzburg.


You will find this information on the website of the "Salzburger Verkehrsverbund" (SVV):


About cafes and such: A generally valid answer if a cafe has outlets near the tables won´t be possible, but nobody will have a problem if you just ask. More than "yes, there and there" or "no" won´t happen. This site lists some cafes, restaurants etc. with free WIFI: Afro Cafe, Bürgerspitalplatz 5 Altstadt Hotel Garni Trumer Stube, Bergstraße 6 ...


Unfortunately I have no information on the particular area. But for train travel in general you may find this page really helpful: It gives detailes info on your railpass question: You maybe have to find out yourself what the right choice is.

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