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You don't mention where you are from. However, the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently classes the terrorism risk in Hungary as low, other than the general risk anywhere: Terrorism There is a low threat from terrorism, but you should be aware of the risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks which could be in public areas, including in ...


I have been continuing to research this and here is what I have determined: Before you go In the past I would cheerfully go to Europe with my cell phone working only as a wifi device. This isn't possible if you need to exercise tremendous vigilance and caution. Adjust your travel budget to include getting a SIM card for your phone. Research in advance ...


The to-go guide for these question is http://www.sleepinginairports.net/asia/bombay.htm this website. It would seem from these reviews there shouldn't be a problem except it might be uncomfortable even for an airport.


You can easily spend that time at the airport. There are multiple lounges, and some are even open 24/7. If you really want to spend your time relaxed; try the pranaam lounge - a 6 hour pass will cost between 45 and 55 USD. Your credit card may also grant you access to the loyalty lounge at Terminal 2.


The ferries do sink- and you can live. Sinking is a part of being on the water. Ride at your own risk or never leave the house for fear of death- then again there is always carbon monoxide. I missed this boat by pure luck last night. Wow! ...

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