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Even in ferries where your coach stays on the top deck, you sometimes have to leave the vehicle. This is because in case of accident, the fear is that it will take too long to escape the vehicle and the risk of going down with the ferry is high. And it is not just for rogue waves, it is also for the ferry getting hit by (or hitting) other craft on the ...


The reason passengers are not allowed on the car decks on ferries is that it is illegal. The reason for it being illegal is of course safety, preventing theft from cars, fire hazards (people smoking in their own cars) etc. This is from Marine and Coast Guard Agency (UK) on ro-ro passenger ships. 3.1 The SOLAS Convention Chapter II-1 Reg. 20-3, requires ...


There is a night train-ferry across the Baltic, which (for example) leaves Germany (Sassnitz) at 23.15 and arrives Sweden (Trelleborg) at 03.15. The whole point of the night train is that train passengers are allowed to stay in their sleeping berth for the crossing, but they can also wander around the ship including the train deck. I suspect the difference ...


Selling something I live in Indonesia so I get it a lot. When they come at me I banter with them. I tell them (the taxi drivers) to find the taxi "over there". I tell them "besok" (tomorrow). Until they get confused and give up in disgust because their friends are laughing at them. My wife hates it but I have fun with them (nicely, with a smile). It avoids ...


I can't find any government advice from the South African government for South African travellers. As such, I'll point you to the CDC website, giving advice to American travellers, which only recommends "routine vaccines" - you can follow the link to see what those are for Americans. (With a note that you could also choose to get Hep A (rare but can ...


There are no special vaccinations recommended for the UK, the basic recommendations are basically the same as in the rest of European Union and probably South Africa (but I am not sure here). For example take a look at:


It's specifically banned by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization. (See page 20). It appears to be in response to the loss of the Estonia in 1994.


People on a bus inside a ferry could do all kinds of mischief. You'd have to expect that someone might do something totally idiotic like starting the engine of a bus and starting to drive. That's obviously idiocy of the highest order, but it could endanger the lifes of hundreds of passengers and crew, and you don't want to take that risk.

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