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Wikipedia shows that SCAT Airlines flies from MCX to Aktau, Kazakhstan, which technically is in Asia (despite being only 300 km away, it's on the other side of the Caspian Sea). These flights didn't seem to show up on Kayak, but it may be that SCAT doesn't sell tickets through Kayak. All the other flights listed are within Russia.


Just about any major European airport with connections to both Russia and Mexico should allow sterile transit. To be able to use this facility, you have to make sure that you have a single layover in the Schengen area (no Mexico-Frankfurt-Vienna-Russia but only Mexico-Frankfurt-Russia or Mexico-Vienna-Russia) and that you buy the whole trip as a single ...


You have a problem. According to the page on the Russian Embassy in Ulaanbaatar in order for you to obtain a Russian visa there: To apply for any category of visas except transit, one must have a long-term registration in Mongolia (“Alien registration card” valid for 1 year). There are exceptions in the following 2 paragraphs for various countries ...


If you were to land and connect to another flight a few days later you will in general need a visa, but in some cases even that is not necessary. If you land in Moscow, you can stay in the Novotel Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel without a visa: The Novotel Sheremetyevo Airport is the only hotel available for transit passengers who do not wish to obtain ...


As the other answers make clear, you do not need a visa to over-fly a country. (By the way, you'll almost certainly also pass over Mongolia, China and South Korea.) In cases where you do need a visa, it is always your responsibility to obtain it. The airline will never do that for you.


You do not need a visa for flying over a country. Even better, for connecting flights you can often even land at an airport and change the plane without a visa of the country the airport is in - although this does seem to depend on the airport and the terminals used by the flights in question and it's prudent to verify this with the carrier or the airport in ...


1.transit visa is not necessary for russian overflight. 2.you do not need a transit visa unless you land


I've never heard of any situation in which you need a visa of any kind to fly over a country. You would only potentially need one if the flight was planning to land in Russia, in which case it would depend on your precise itinerary, citizenship, whether you needed to leave the transit area, etc. Imagine the confusion if you had to apply for transit visas ...


Transit visa is not necessary for Russian overflight


Can I take the train, instead of going by car? Would this cause me any trouble later during the trip, especially regarding visa issues? It will not be a problem as long as your 'invitation' still sync's up with your travel dates. Also, it will not prevent you from getting visas in the future.

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