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You can check the lists of airlines that serve the Grand Cayman airport on Wikipedia: Owen Roberts International Airport As you can see most of the connected cities are in US, Canada requires a transit visa for Indian citizens, so your alternative is to travel to Jamaica before (Kingston or Montego Bay) Jamaica doesn't require a visa for Indian citizen, ...


OpenFlights can give you a scrollable, zoomable map of all routes from any airport. Sample for Tokyo: Here's the direct link for Mumbai: http://openflights.org/airport/BOM Click to "list" icon next to "227 routes" to see them all, or click on any airport to see what flies there. Note that Google counts cities, while OpenFlights counts airline routes, ...


Use Google. It invented an awesome service for searching flights. Just type in a google search - 'flights from mumbai' and it will return you a list of non-stop flights from mumbai. If you want to find all flights to Mumbai - print 'flights to mumbai'.

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