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There is one airline that sells roundtrip tickets in bulk, Aeroflot. You can only purchase a bulk ticket between Moscow and other Russian cities. First roundtrip leg will be with a fixed dates, subsequent are open dated. You can buy 4-16 roundtrips, with some discount for bulk purchase. Here is their web page with more details (in Russian only): ...


Answering questions like this in the negative is very hard because you need to provide sources that something doesn't exist :) but indeed such tickets do not exist. Swiss, Lufthansa and Air Berlin flies this city pair but that's almost irrelevant as no airlines offer such.


If you go to http://tripcheck.com, you can get the Oregon Department of Transportation's report on road conditions. In particular, the little blue circles on the map indicate "snow zones"; you can click them for information on how much snow is on the road, etc. Also noted are chain requirements; it seems that all of them are marked "Carry chains regardless ...


If you've truly never driven on ice or snow before, my recommendation is: neither. A winding mountain road is not the place to be learning. The first time you try to stop, you will skid, the first time you take a corner, you will be going too fast, and it's much better to do so in a place where the worst that can happen is that a tow truck needs to pull ...

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