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If your cruise arrives at the Rotterdam cruise terminal, Wilhelminakade 699, 3072 AP Rotterdam, Nederland is what I get for the address, you can easily go from there by metro or by tram. The name of the stop you need is Wilhelminakade, or Wilhelminaplein, depending on the mode of transport. This site will help you work out the best mode of transport or ...


The 9292 journey planner says that there is a direct metro connection between the Rotterdam cruise port and the Centraal train station. Walk to the Wilhelminaplein metro station, and take the D (or E) train towards Rotterdam Centraal (or Den Haag Centraal). Total cost of the journey with a OV-chipcard seem to be 1,26EUR or 0.83EUR if you are eligible for ...


There are train passes where you can just hop on a regular train with just the pass in hand (Thalys is a different animal). And in general (once again: not the Thalys) you don't need a reserved seat. So, there's no such thing as a train selling out. Given there is one like every 30 minutes it's reasonable to think they don't.


The Amsterdam to Rotterdam travel has three kinds of trains, the normal speed commuter trains and the high speed trains within the Netherlands and lastly the International high speed trains to Paris. Tickets for the trains within the Netherlands are not timed and you can use any train on the day you have the ticket for. If you want to use the high speed ...

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