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I have done an internet search in Dutch, I did not find the 'do not lean against buildings' for Rotterdam, nor in general neither for this one event. In the Netherlands it is quite common for cities to have special rules 'with status of law' for special events. The Ingress event is quite big and the city officials will likely not want it to get out of hand. ...


At hostel Ani & Haakien, they offer a free tour (eve if you are not staying with them. Starts at 11am at their door.


It did sound a bit crazy at first, but with a bit of luck, it should be doable, at least if you do have a driver on hand and your incoming flight is not delayed. Rotterdam airport is tiny, no time lost walking to the baggage claim area and exit or anything, you can literally be in front of the terminal building in 5 min. At Schiphol, EasyJet flights depart ...

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