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There might be no buses between Ancona and Fano, however there seem to be buses between Rome and Fano. According to Rome2Rio these are operated by Adriabus and depart daily from Roma Tiburtina train station. The total travel time is of about 04h30m which looks shorter than your train journey with the included 1h30m waiting time in Ancona. Should you prefer ...


Cheapest there are the buses by Terravision and a couple of other bus companies. If you book in advance you can get a one-way for as cheap as 4€. For info and booking see the Terravision website. It takes 55 minutes. Note that here you are not flexible with your departure time. Buying tickets at the booth is possible but at higher prices and may sell out, ...


According to Wikivoyage, the cheapest transport option is to use Terravision buses. The price is 4EUR one-way or 8EUR return. The trip takes 55 minutes. There are also options available by public bus, but they cost the same if you need to get to the center of Rome.

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