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You can't enter in Romania if you don't have a Romanian visa, even if you have a Bulgarian one that doesn't help you. On the official site http://www.mae.ro/node/1469 you can find all the answers.


The page http://www.mae.ro/en/node/2040 lists among people who do not need a Romanian visa: The holders of visas [...] issued by Bulgaria [...]. So having a Bulgarian visa will exempt you from needing a separate Romanian visa as long as you still have at least one entry and sufficient duration-of-stay left on the Bulgarian visa: Attention! The ...


If you go through the application for the Turkish E Visa you will get to the prerequisites page. So if you hold a Schengen visa or an OECD country visa you are eligible to have one. Romania as of this time is not a party to either one of these agreements so to get a eVisa you will need to have a visa for another country that is a party to one of these ...

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