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I assume you like to use your phone from abroad. T-Mobile USA uses a rather strange UMTS frequency bands (1700 MHz AWS). This band isn't supported by most mobile phones. American LTE Bands are generally different than those of the rest of the world. 2G GSM will work with T-Mobile and AT&T. The only network that supports nationswide UMTS on 2100 MHz (as ...


Most USA phone plans cover the entire USA, so no domestic roaming countrywide and usually no long distance charges for calls within the USA. The phone company websites usually have coverage maps available online, so you can see where you might not have access. The blank spots are often areas with simply no coverage, but some maybe served by a small local ...


Considering two facts that you are mainly interested in data connection and buying a SIM Card is quite complicated for foreigners in my country, I would switch my phone to flight mode and look for mobile wifi rental options in Turkey. So you can skip the main hassle about AT&T and other complications.

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