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Truck stop is also Homeland Security, they aren't just looking for overloaded trucks. Be smart, pull thru the weigh station and save yourself a roadside inspection 10 miles down the road.


Google Maps has: via Suðurlandsvegur/Þjóðvegur 1 and Route 41 11 h 36 min 958 km 11 h 36 min without traffic Keflavík International Airport 235, Iceland Continue to Reykjanesbraut/Route 41 3 min (1.9 km) Continue on Route 41. Drive from Reykjanesbraut, Vesturlandsvegur and Þingvallavegur to Suðurland 1 h 5 min (87.3 km) Drive to your destination 3 ...


Several off beat attractions spring to mind In Sanfrancisco the Russian museum http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/museum-of-russian-culture In Sandiego the botanical gardens are really great with a very peaceful atmosphere http://www.sandiegotraveltips.com/public/San_Diego_Botanic_Garden_and_Self_Realization_Fellowship_Temple.cfm I also love Sandiego ...

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