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You don't say where in Switzerland, but for me the answer here is for surely, in a word, "via Italy"! So, up from underneath rather than down from on top. So, I'd definitely (1) drive first to Monaco. Then (2) to Genoa (of course, one of the most amazing roads on Earth). Then up through (3) any of the amazing cities in northern Italy (you could name 20 ...


According to CALTRANS the maximum stay in a 24 hour period at a CALTANS rest area is 8 hours. I live in the North West corner of the state; while there are roads that I won't drive for fear of getting shot by growers in Southern Humboldt most of the rest areas are pretty safe.


I just phoned ICBC. You can drive with an N. You need to sometimes provide your drivers abstract as they are not familiar with N licenses in the states and what they mean. Some companies will allow you to rent a car, others will be unsure and deny. Legally, you can drive with an N, but still must display your sign and follow all restrictions.


According to ny daily news, sleeping in cars is no longer illegal. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/court-overturns-law-bans-people-sleeping-cars-article-1.1837189

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