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I've found reviews at Trip Advisor and, especially, to be reliable. You can get mobile apps for both. The idea of sticking to one chain is also reasonable, but it might be difficult in some of the less populated areas. Off topic, on that route I recommend making a detour to as many National Parks of the Southwest as possible.


How 'good' do you need it to be? A room at any of the major hotel chains will be a clean, comfortable sleeping spot. Smaller mom & pop places can be nice as well, I usually check their outside appearance first... clean parking lot, hanging plants, a bit of outside furniture. Most small motels will let you see the room before paying.


I have been on Iceland September/October 2015, based in Reykjavic and doing tours of the Golden Circle and the south coast (basically what you plan to do in two days done in one day.) Any place the coach tours stop has toilets, often more than one group. That is one near to the sight and one at the restaurant for the area. Even with the big numbers of ...


Restrooms appear with adequate frequency along the way. A few years ago, I drove around the whole island. While I was told the ring road was around 1400km, my car clocked in 3400km when I returned to to the rental place, since I kept taking detours and looping around to see the sights. Sometimes the sights were so beatuful that I decided not to stop the ...


My girlfriend and I did this drive about 3 years ago, and we went all the way through Vik and up to EgilsstaĆ°ir. We never struggled to find petrol stations, small coffee shops and guesthouses where we could stop on the drive. The longest distance we had to go was a couple of hours (say 3-4 at worst). From our experience, you should really not worry about ...


The leave no trace principles provide excellent guidelines for doing your business in the wild. As the name suggests, the general memento is leave no trace. In other words, whatever you carry in you carry out of where you are. This applies to human waste too. If you have to urinate or defecate, make sure you do so at least 100m away from water sources, ...


There are obviously a lot of gas stations along this road too, some of which have restrooms you can pay a little to use. See hours on the linked page as well. These are frequently treated as public facilities, rather than for paying customers only. You can also pay a little at hostels / guesthouses along the way to use their facilities.

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