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A car obviously gives you much more flexibility. And though local public transport in Brazil is pretty decent if not awesome, it is not very usable for users who don't speak Portuguese. In fact, in my experience, the most common way for Brazilians to find their way around using local public transport in a city they are not familiar with is to ask around. ...


You can use Rome2Rio to search for itineraries between each city. For example it seems you have various bus options from Rio to Petropolis, either by bus or combining bus and train. The screenshot below shows the bus option: The Teresopolis to Rio journey seems a bit more complicated, requiring bus changes in either Nitero, Petropolis, or a combination of ...


Rio has more than one bus terminal, the one that seem to be the major is Novo Rio. From their site you can search for buses to Petropolis and see their timetable. Unfortunately, the site is available only in Portuguese. I searched for other sites and found this one, which has an english version, but it redirects to a different site. Strange is, in this last ...


Rome2Rio quotes 1100 pesos (127USD) as the minimum, and links to the bus company website. So I guess it depends on the day of travel / purchase.

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