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Sort of. It's simpler than that, and potentially far cheaper. You just need to be flexible. Services like Transfercar allow you to return cars for free, essentially. The idea is that generally more people travel in a particular direction when renting - the flow is not even. In New Zealand, for example, many renters get a car in Auckland (most common ...


According to Uber, it is possible, it even lists suggested prices from the airport to San Francisco and Palo Alto, one more thing: Trips to or from SFO on uberX, UberBLACK, or UberSUV are subject to a $4 airport surcharge and any applicable tolls.


Regarding the Risks Yes I think it could be possible for you to find someone willing to drive your car back. As MarkMayo suggested there are a few options out there including organised services, as well as other travellers' forums (LonelyPlanet, etc). In the case of an organised service such as Transfercar I would assume they have all the legalese figured ...


To add to the other answers: It is a good idea to create a paper contract (possibly even with a lawyer present) with the other party to clarify that the person who signed the contract with the rental company will be reimbursed by the non-signee for any monetary costs following from an action or inaction from the non-signee while he is using using the car. ...


There's skjutsgruppen, which is quite popular. The site is in Swedish, but google translate gives a reasonable translation.


Albeit obscure, this was the only information I was able to find on your issue, Manali-Kaza: When this 210 km route is open, there are two daily ordinary buses leaving from Manali Bus Stand to Kaza at 5.00 AM and 5.30 AM. These buses are run by Himachal Roadways and fare is approximately INR 200. The bus passes through Rohtang Pass, Batal, Kunzum Pass, ...

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