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There is a similar exchange for hitch-hikers in Norway called haikeren.no. I haven't used it, but I would find it strange if you find any offers for a ride on an odd route like Kiruna-Tromsø on a specific date. You can of course place your own ad to tell that you are looking for a ride, but I don't think the site is well known and much in use. Even if you ...


I've used Carpool World a few times (not in NY) and have always found it quite good. It doesn't have a way to validate users (AFAIK) except based off email. It does charge people money to share their car though so I would assume this would eliminate some crazies.


Hitchwiki.org exists. Now when it started, it was more about the 'hitchability' of each country, but it's now evolved to include a forum and groups, so you can try and organise hitching in advance, or meet up with other hitchers. It covers most countries in the world, and is in multiple languages.


I found this site: carpoolworld.com with Norway listings, but the community here does not seem so big as Mitfahrzentrale or Mitfahrgelegenheit (in other countries also known as Carpooling). So, the answer would be: similar websites are popular in several European countries, but not in Norway in particular.


Liftshare.com is the largest car-share network in the UK, and clients include the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), Tesco Supermarkets, Heathrow Airport and the Environment Agency. It is an off shoot of the american based company. (whose website I can't access). As I'm in the UK the hyperlink will automatically redirect to the US website.(I hope)

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