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Depending on how much preparation you need to do. My advice is to use the local 7-Eleven or Circle K convenience stores. The vast majority of them will come equipped with a boiling water tap and a microwave. You will also find that you will never be more than a few paces from the nearest convenience store. We don't like to walk in Hong Kong, because its ...


For practically any train route in Russia where important long-distance trains pass and at all stations where they stop for more than ten minutes, you can expect an army of babooshkas to be waiting, selling their self-made food. In my experience (travelling Moscow–Sludyanka and back), what they sell is pretty good both in taste and in price. So these are ...


Cook anything in hotel room with our pressure cooker and/or with our induction stove. Standard at pretty much every hotel around the world. Fire hazard. Don't allow their restaurant' kitchen for this 5 minute cooking thing. Standard at pretty much every restaurant around the world. Health, safety, fire etc. Are you familiar with a commercial gas ...


for cheaper alternatives try a youth hostel: But be sure to verify that it is a licensed Guest House. You're supposed to prepare your own food in most of these hostels, so it should be exactly what you want. Also, avoid Chungking Mansions at all costs which is reserved for adventurers.


Rent an apartment hotel (serviced apartment) or an Airbnb apartment instead. These always include kitchens and basic cooking utensils. Also, in Hong Kong you can trust product labeling: if commercial baby food says "no dairy" on it, it won't contain any dairy.

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