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Just FWIW I'd say for (1) yes it's perfectly OK to put the money in the folder, and just get up and leave. you're the heavily paying customer, you've paid and you're done. at a cafe that would be normal. maybe the staff will wave bye-bye to you. at a nice restaurant, the staff SHOULD come and fuss over you as you leave! for (2) inside the book, just so ...


I don't think there is a single correct way to do this. Leaving cultural difference aside, and drawing from personal experience (as a guest, not as a waiter), I would say you can either of the things you mentioned, the waiters will act accordingly. If you have exactly the amount you want/have to pay (including cash), you can either put the money on the ...


Couvert is obligatory to pay, especially if you take a seat. It is illegal though in Lazio due to regional law (even if they usually don’t care about this law, but if you’re willing to argue...)


I think the most standard scenario is visibly leaving the money (or a credit card) in the book/cup/whatever. Make sure banknotes cannot fly away and wait. The waiter will expect you to do that and try to check again shortly. Just laying the cash and leaving is not the end of the world but it's clearly not the usual way, at least in France. If they are too ...

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