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Google reverse image search says that it might be Feldkirch, Vorarlberg. Indeed the church and the first house in the foreground (the one with the two windows underneath the straight part of the roof) seem to be the ones in the picture below from Wikipedia: File:Feldkirch3.jpg, Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 3.0 Google maps places it here. By precise ...


It's feldkirch. I live near there. (It's the view from the schattenburg, the blue "hypo" sign in both pictures is the same sign)


I used to use Foursquare for that purpose frequently and it never let me down. Recently however, it seems that the user ratings cannot be trusted anymore (biased, falsified etc.). There were some 9+ star restaurants I visited in different cities and was totally disappointed with both the quality of the food and the price (aka tourist trap). So, I usually ...


I found this recently and it gives a good set of tips. Basically it answers the question the other way around. Not how to find a good restaurant but how to avoid a bad one. One kf the most intersting is the one that relates the quality of the menu print with restaurant quality. There are several intersting tips: ...

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