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First of all, looking at the reviews for Osteria da Nico on Tripadvisor, regrettably you fell prey to a tourist trap. Regarding your question on pricing by weight: such is typical for foods such as meat (e.g. a steak) or especially seasonal fish but very untypical for regular courses (such as e.g. a Pizza). You can find the menu of a reputable Italian ...


No, robots wouldn't even know what a tip was, and you'd not tip at McDonald's even staffed by humans.


In the US, tipping is usual (and expected) in so called full service restaurants; meaning you sit down directly and order at a table with the server. No tips are usual (but of course allowed and liked) in half-service restaurants, those are restaurants where you order yourself at a central desk, sit down, and your food is brought to your table by the ...


Here's a site showing various electronic devices and a manual solution (test strips) that seems to solve your problem: 100 test strips for $25 with the suggestion that you can cut them in half to last longer. That would probably last you a few trips and give you peace of mind. Here's another (old) site ...


Using your cited vend-o-matic "restaurant", I would hazard a guess that the card swipe / authorization process is simply sale and does not offer a tipping option. Encouraging folks to "tip" a vending machine would likely not be viewed favorably by the buying public. Taking the automated restaurant further, to where robots are taking your order tableside, ...


I ate at a very swank New York City café (located in the Neue Gallerie) and the suggested tip calculation was way, way off in the restaurant's favor. I wrote the Consumer Protection Bureau, never heard back. Check the calculation of the tip, required or not.

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