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Is it possible to rent a bike in one city and drop off in another, when traveling to Vietnam? It depends, namely on what cities you want to rent and drop off your bike in. There are a few one-way rental companies with motorcycles targeted at tourists. The one I saw advertised most often when I was in Vietnam last month was Motorvina. These companies ...


I'm not aware of any bike-rental companies that operate in multiple cities. What a lot of tourists do is simply purchase the bike outright -- you can pick up a perfectly serviceable Honda for $300 -- and then sell, give away, or abandon the bike at the end of the trip.


Yes - it seems to be possible to rent gear. The local Swiss tourist board website gives a list of a few shops in the area (click on Explore). The first, Wyss Sport in Kleine Scheidegg offers rental of jackets and "shoes" for the trip to the Jungfraujoch - and their shop is near to the start of the Jungfraujoch Railway. There are a few other shops listed in ...


You have to return the rented motobike at Bai Thom before flying to HCMC.

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