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You're unlikely to find a place to rent a laptop anywhere in the city, as that's not something most people are interested in. However it shouldn't be to hard to get a used laptop from the local Craigslist. Prices start from $100, depending on condition.


You can rent wheelchairs, scooters and walkers in many cities in Germany on: (Note: I am one of the developers of the site, if you have any question feel free to ask :)


In 2008, my wife and I rented a car in Buenos Aires and drove to Iguaçu (waterfalls) via the national park 'Esteros del Iberá' and back. We found Argentina safe to drive, but this depends on what you are used to. The traffic is definitely more chaotic than in Northwestern Europe, but IMHO comparable to Southern European countries as Spain, Italy, Portugal ...


I just found a Tesla Model S ("or similar", which is what they put on every car, but they say they'll contact you to confirm after you book) from Sixt searching for a pickup from Frankfurt Airport (I randomly used 06/20/2016-06/22/2016) for a mere US$360.71/day. So they appear to have at least one for rent. Whether it's available under the exact terms you ...

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