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You will be surprised by the amount of two-wheelers on the streets in Goa (and India for that matter) either being driven or parked randomly wherever possible. Moreover you'll be driving a rented vehicle, be it an old moped or an even older Royal Enfield, who usually all look the same and are of little to no commercial value. Now imagine your parked vehicle ...


There is absolutely no problem with your wife following you in. It is normal when families are renting trucks and the weight inspectors and state troopers are well aware of it. The good news is the process is simple - just roll over a road, follow the stop sign and be on your way. You might be asked (should you be over the weight) if you are carrying ...


If you rent an appartment using real estate agency, there's de facto standard fee - 1 month rent, which is splitted 50/50 between the owner and the tenant. Because the owner will be charged too, it's unlikely somebody will be interesting in such short-term rental through the agency, so you should look for direct offers (pl: bezpośredni).

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