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I rented a scooter for 24 hours in March 2016, we paid 8000 Kyat (about 6.20 Euro / 7 USD) . This was for an automatic scooter (new model) at a proper place with paperwork and everything. Manual scooters are cheaper but I don't remember exact prices. Also this was in a town in the deep south, not many tourists there. In Bagan and Inle lake prices may be ...


Ridetheworld lists two motorcycle rental locations in Myanmar together with a location map, although I'm not sure if it's accurate. Mandalay Motorcycle Rental offers scooters starting from approximately US$8 per day. Myanmar Bike Rental offers scooters starting from approximately US$5 per day. A three year old thread on lonely planet claims that hiring ...


No, you can't use Bicing bikes. Only locals can use it, the membership card takes 15 days to arrive. The membership card is personal, and can't be lended. Also, you need a Spanish address, and you pay 48 euros for a whole year.


The service is no longer active For more information, have a look to the aptly titled article Rome Shows the World How Not to Run Bike-Sharing Program also the link you provided says in bold letters SERVIZIO NON OPERATIVO which literally means "service not operational" and in practice means much worse, don't ever expect that service to function ...

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