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Chernobyl alienation zone. The water there may contain radiation though it depends so one can possibly find a radiation-free source. There can be also problems with electricity. Some people live there on their own risk.


If you can drop your 50km walking distance to 20-30km, then you there are plenty of places that meet your requirements in the Alps or the Pyrenees.


If you want a place where you can't walk (or drive) to shops and restaurants, and people can't walk (or drive) to visit you, then absolutely your best bet is an island. Purely as an example I present the Island of Torsa. If you rent the holiday home there, you will be the only person on the island and able to be as remote and isolated as you like, while ...


By far the largest remote area in Europe is in Russia. Although Iceland has a lower population density overall, the northeastern provinces in European Russia have vast, empty forests. The Komi Republic is 415,900 km² (larger than Germany) with a population density of approximately 2 inhabitants per km², mostly concentrated in cities. Plenty of remote ...


Iceland has the lowest population density of any recognised European country at just over 3 people per square kilometre - that's about 10% of the population density of the United States. This doesn't directly answer your question but may help, Iceland is a well-developed civilised country. Iceland is cold however, but there are plenty of hot springs that ...

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