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Yes, there is a prayer room on your left as you come into the departure area. If you get to Gate B1, you've gone too far.


There is a prayer room available in the international part of the airport. Based on the map, it appears to only be accessible to travelers awaiting any international departure. International arrivals and domestic arrivals/departures do not have access to this area unless you are connecting to an international departure. There is also apparently a second ...


They are the Four Papal Basilicas in Rome: Top-left: St Peter's Basilica: Top-right: Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls - most photos - eg. the one on Wikipedia - show the more detailed Western face, but the drawing above depicts the Northern face: Bottom-left: Archbasilica of St. John Lateran: Bottom-right: Basilica of Saint Mary Major:


Disclaimer: though I have been living all my life in Russia, I am not a lawyer neither a religious person, so I might be not aware of some specific regulations, but I am answering based on my own experience. I have never heard of any general regulations prohibiting entry to any such chapel or church, so I would see no problem in entering them unless: ...

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