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They can turn refuse to let you board if they wish, but I have heard from multiple frequent travelers that they really don't care. Overall El Al is known to be rather relaxed about official regulations as long as you aren't suspicious... Border control can also always issue you a shorter time period entry permit. I have a friend that just arrived in Israel ...


Special baggage You can bring other types of sports equipment and other items instead of a suitcase or instead of an extra suitcase bought in advance, if: Max. 158 cm / 62 in (l + w + h) Max. 23 kg / 50.5 lbs in Economy Class Max. 32 kg / 70.5 lbs in Business Class Also, I myself have checked in cardboard boxes with various airlines ...


Yes, you generally have to carry your luggage with you, at your side in designated areas in your carriage. In fact, being able to carry your bags yourself is pretty much the only limitation. Depending on the train, luggage storage space can be plentiful, at the entrance of the carriage and between the seats (e.g. long-distance trains in France or Germany) ...


"Filming" with a film crew, you will need several permits, plus various paper works from your end & it could end up costing you lots of money; but with photography, I don't see anything wrong with having someone holding your lights instead of using a light-stand, as long as your light source is wireless; and is powered by its own power supply ...For ...


Passports must be issued by a sovereign government. The exceptions being a United Nations Passport, EU Laissez-Passer, and other supranational entities.


Perfumes are not listed as a regulated item, hence you should not have issues with perfumes - as long as the value is less that what is allowed; which is 35,000 INR (if your stay outside of India as more than 3 days) or 15,000 INR if less than 3 days.


I've received an official reply from the KLM twitter: Q: @KLM what is the size limit of the accessory bag on long-distance flights? Can I take a light-weight 35L backpack as an accessory bag? A: An accessory is a small handbag or laptop sleeve for instance. A backpack unfortunately isn't. Q: @KLM is there a precise definition of what the ...


It may be illegal but the authorities turn a blind eye to it. I declared a large packet of coca tea to the German customs at Düsseldorf airport, they waved me through and looked annoyed that I had even bothered to ask them about it.


The official KLM baggage page which you found says: 1 accessory, e.g. a handbag or a laptop Which isn't that handy, but there's an official answer on the KLM Facebook page that expands this: The accessory can be a handbag, briefcase, camera, small laptop, or another item of similar or smaller size. There is no definitive rule for actual size ...

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