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It might not fit in the timing of your weekend visit, given the route you are planning. Were it me, I'd rather go to Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples before Etna, although I'd even consider both. Actually, I'd probably head to Etna, then down to Agrigento. I'd see the Valley, and then relax on the Southerly coast and see what the waves are doing.


Abelour - Craigellachie is kind of the heart of the matter as you'll likely want to go to the "major" items like Macallan. For another view, don't forget Scotland is both bonnie and pretty compact ... you could very much just stay in Aberdeen. It's only an hour or two drive. (Stunningly beautiful, of course.) It's perfectly commonplace to go to Speyside ...


I reckon right in the middle for sure, too many tourists on the waterfront! http://www.homeaway.co.uk/search/italy/palermo/region:3310/keywords:Palermo+Sicily?view=m#gc=38.100708775608155:38.12832844376913:13.339869974912176:13.388321398557196:38.11451991532573:13.364095686734675:15:3310 it won't be a big deal parking your rental car.


If you're driving in the US, there is Roadtrippers.com, a web app focused on place discovery and creating itineraries along roads. It's quite modern and sleek, but it can't add a timeline to the itinerary.

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