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(A few years late, but) My favourite travelling hats are these squashy hats that roll up into a supplied bag, with a sprung coil around the edge, made of suede, leather, kangaroo or canvas, by Barmah of Australia. I think this UK distributor has a better website than the manufacturer. Prices are something like £33 (canvas), £40-50 (leather), £65 (kangaroo). ...


If you want to go trekking close to Oslo, I recommend Nordmarka, often just called Marka. Have a look at the official website here, for some information. There are many good starting points in Marka, including Holmenkollen, Frognerseteren, Sørkedalen, and Sognsvann. Many of which are easily accessible by tram or bus. Once in Marka, you can stay at some ...

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