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I spent some months in Southern India last year and compared with some other parts of the world it was indeed a bit harder to meet other travellers. I haven't been to the North of the country yet but I assume it is similar. Some of the best places to meet people is in your dorm room or the hostel kitchen. India doesn't really have that many hostels or a ...


As you said, it is low risk meaning that you don't really need prophylaxis. Relatively means in comparison with other parts of India, where the prevalence isn't that high anyway. A lot of my colleagues traveled to medical conferences and other symposia in Delhi and Rajasthan and none of them used any anti-malarials and none of them got sick. I don't mean to ...


Though your question doesn't contain sufficient information but what I can understand you want to travel from Delhi -> Agra -> Rajasthan -> Western (Mumbai/khandala/Pune/Goa) -> to Eastern (Calcutta). Yes you are right, its very easy to meet people in India but to meet right people is bit difficult sometimes. You will be flooded with tourist guides at ...


According to Wikitravel's entry on Udaipur: Taxis to the city cost INR 500 and are the only means of transport to and from the airport. ...and I'm not surprised to hear that. Until five years ago or so, public transport connectivity was bad with many major city airports too. You could potentially try taking a bus to the city outskirts but your ...


Here are your options - Call & ask Karni Fort hotel to arrange for airport pickup. They would be happy to arrange the taxis for you. Advance book your taxis on Udaipur Taxi Service (looks like the only taxi service that has online presence!!) No advance booking. Land in Udaipur, take the airport taxis available.


February is a winter month in Northern India, and that produces conditions inconducive for mosquitoes to breed (stagnant water). Besides, Rajasthan is one of the drier regions of India and with it's a particularly low risk area.


True, July/August is typically monsoon season in India. But then, large parts of Rajasthan - and most of the major tourist regions, which are in the northwest parts of Rajasthan - lie in a region of rain shadow due to the Aravalli mountain range. The northwestern portion of Rajasthan is generally sandy and dry. Most of this region is covered by the ...

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