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One of our (Australia) local travel agents has a page on Canadian bus passes, and it only lists western Canada as having them: With circuits in Western Canada (Vancouver side) and Eastern Canada (Toronto side), Canada's bus network has itineraries to suit just about anyone’s needs. Passes in Western Canada have frequent departures and all feature ...


I'll answer for the Québec part of it since I'm a local: The 15 will be much quicker but route 133 which we call Route des Patriotes here is very nice and you could take it up to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu if coming from Vermont. And try not to get to Montreal at traffic hour, it can take quite a while to get on the island.


It's a matter of preference, the Vermont route is a little bit faster, though a little plain in my opinion. I prefer the NY route because the scenery varies, you get to see mountains (Adirondacks) and lakes, the road isn't just a straight stretch and there are plenty of rest areas and service stops. The 87 becomes the 15 in Quebec which is a highway. Those ...

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