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If you are transferring i.e. not arriving or departing from Hamad Intl. Airport; you are allowed to carry alcohol with you. The limit is 5 ltr. per person. You will not be allowed to leave the airport with the alcohol. Please read As a transfer passenger you may carry alcoholic beverages in your baggage. However these must be packed in containers of ...


Considering you are a Filipino living in Egypt; you will need valid visa prior to travel passport validity of more than 6 months you cannot get an on arrival visa for Qatar. Since you have a tourist visa; if it is the original visa paper it should have the same details mentioned on your passport and you can travel with it. you will have to show the ...


Yes you can take Tramadol into Qatar. BUT, you must have a prescription with your name and DOB on it + a letter from the prescribing doctor which details your need for the Tramadol, the dose, and how long you should take it. Do not take any more than that mentioned in the letter, and in any event no more than 1-2 months supply.

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