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You can drink in your room or in a bar, basically anywhere alcohol is a available you can drink, no alcohol, no drink, that includes walking with a drink in public. The reason behind this is the public resistance to "westernizing" the country, so government is trying to make everyone happy as much as possible, people who drink can drink in designated ...


Thanks to a tip from my hotel, I've discovered there is somewhere open in the mean time - the Msheireb Enrichment Centre. The Msheireb Enrichment Centre is located on a medium sized barge moored off the Corniche, just west of the Sheraton Hotel (the triangular pyramid shaped hotel near the north eastern edge of the Corniche) The exhibition is sponsored by ...


There is! The Arab Museum of Modern Art (MATHAF) holds a fair sized permanent collection of Arabic and Islamic modern and contemporary art works, along with changing special exhibitions. Permanent exhibits are free, as are seeing the sculptures outside, while special exhibitions are fairly cheap. The museum is located east of the city centre, at ...


I would personally take that sign to mean 'no strutting around in the nude', aka it's acceptable to quickly change but not for longer than necessary.


What people usually do is putting on their boxers/underwear in the shower cubicle then come out and put on the rest. Some people do what Burhan described in the other answer as well.


Wrap a towel around your waist (or use a dressing gown/shower gown and face the locker) and then change your trunks/shorts.

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