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At peak rush hours (5pm-8pm), drive from airport to city center is 1+ hours, although the distance is only 15-20 kms. At night, food and restaurants are open till about 10pm, and around midnight its all very silent except some five star hotel bars. The major attraction you might want to visit will be Souq Waqif, translated as Traditional Market, situated ...


No. There is no requirement to hold a visa while in transit at Doha International Airport. Source:


No, you don't. Even if you did, US citizens are granted visa-on-arrival. Source: Been to Doha many many times.


As long as the profession listed on your visa is in this list of 201 professions (PDF), and your residency and passport has more than 6 months validity - you can get a one-time single entry visit visa on arrival. You can also get a visa for your dependents; as long as they have residency in UAE as well. This means, if your wife is accompanying you; but she ...


According to the Qatar e-government website: Residents of the 33 approved countries can obtain a Tourist Visa upon arrival. The visa can be purchased for a nominal fee at the airport or port. It can also be issued online instantly prior to travel. This visa is valid for one month and cannot be extended. The visa costs are: Fees Visa issuance ...

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