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Of course. Check your contract: you bought a service to get you from Doha to Atlanta. The could route your through a totally different city, put you on a direct flight etc. This is a well known risk to skipleggers. While it'd been nicer to get you to PHL if you are asking whether they can, whether they are legally allowed to, the only answer is a yes.


It is not uncommon for an airline to hold a passenger at the point of origin if they know the entire series of flights can not be completed as booked. By doing so, for many passengers it means they simply go home and return the next day. For non-local passengers it means some lodging and meals to be provided. For legal responsibility it is simply a ...


Really depends on why the connecting flight was cancelled. As I noted in a comment above, a severe weather condition could have created a scenario where you could have been stuck in the connecting airport, PHL in this case, for an extended period of time. If the airline could have known that you might be stuck in a weather bound airport for a day or more, ...


Yes that is pretty poor handling by Qatar. More generally I can imagine there would be immigration problems in certain circumstances, but obviously in your situation that doesn't apply. I suspect [but obviously I don't know] that Qatar have messed you about here and offloaded you from the flight for other reasons, perhaps it was overbooked as a consequence ...


You can take up to three bags, each weighing to 32 kg, for free on every flight on this journey. AA allows business class customers to take up to three bags for free, at 32 kg each. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bag fees are waived for business class customers: Overweight bag fee is waived for ...


30kg is the upper limit allowed by your ticket. Even if you have less, you pay the same price.

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