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According to this blog entry (screenshots of the signup page available), the prices are: For Laptops 20MB for $10 USD 50MB for $18 USD Full Flight for $22 For Mobile 12MB for $5 USD 5MB for $2 USD 3 Hours for $10 USD It is worth mentioning that the blog owner had a bad experience using the onboard wifi as most of the requests were timed out and ...


You will not have to collect your bags again. Your bags will be checked in all the way to DAC since you are on a codeshare flight. Relax, and enjoy your (long) trip. Qatar Airways has some really good food and the newly revamped airport in Doha is also very nice.


It is a sharp question because it depends if the airlines in question have a baggage interline agreement. US and QR do. Your bag should be through-checked to your final destination, in which case you will not see it again until you arrive in Dhaka. However you should check this when you drop off your baggage.

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