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The rates for your flight are per piece of luggage, not per kilogram. And they're steep, at 200 USD if purchased online (in advance) and 250 USD otherwise. Even more if your bags are over 22 kg. From here: http://www.qatarairways.com/global/en/excess-baggage-rates.page


Based on the logo on the socket, this is an "EmPower" socket - which isn't surprising as they are the most common type of these sockets on airplanes. You can find a datasheet for these types of sockets here, that claims they are "Compatible with plugs from over 170 countries", and then specifically shows compatibility with multiple forms of 2-plug European ...


Yes, the German type plug will fit in there, if you look closely you will notice a curved notch in the outlet made for round pins. Check the end of the arrow: Actually, plugs with round pins are the standard in Qatar the country, along with the UK type.

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