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Flights to Puerto Rico are considered domestic flights, and US Citizens do not need a passport to travel between the US and any US territories. However, foreign citizens do need a passport to travel between the two, (see answers.usa.gov) so I can't say for certain how a trip like that will affect your Green Card eligibility. Your best bet is to check with an ...


The visa requirements for Puerto Rico are exactly the same as for the USA (source). In other words, as an [Edit] ESTA-eligible citizen (most EU countries, but not all, see here), you ought to, in most circumstances, be able to use a visa waiver for a short term holiday by applying for an ESTA.


Puerto Rico is officially an unincorporated territory of the United States. For all due purpose, that mean that it's a part of the US at the federal government level, in much the same way that any other US state is. As a result, all immigration/visa/etc rules are exactly the same as if you were entering any other US state. All immigration is handled by ...


Yes, you do need an ESTA. Puerto Rico has the same visa requirements as the mainland US (= ESTA needed for EU citizens), and like all other US airports, San Juan's airport does not recognize the concept of visa-free transit.


Personally, I'd definitely go for renting a car. Puerto Rico's a very car-centric place and you really need to your own wheels to get around anywhere outside San Juan (and arguably there as well if you plan on venturing outside the old city walls). Roads, signage and driving isn't too far behind mainland US standards, especially compared to what you see ...


There are no rental car companies that are inside the terminal as such, however there are a few brands that are located on the airport property. All still require catching a shuttle, however the ride is much shorter than to the off-airport locations. Companies with on-airport locations are : Hertz Enterprise/National/Alamo Avis/Budget All other brands ...


Yes. When it comes to ESTA all US territories are treated like mainland US. Therefore you always need to apply for ESTA. I'm from Germany myself and I always needed an ESTA number to transit through the US. Here are two links that should help (auf Deutsch ;) http://esta-usa-visum.de/puerto-rico-guam-und ...

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