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It seems like the route you found is the only one that is covered with the Stockholm Card. This Stockholm Card folder (in Swedish) says that it includes unlimited travel with SL, but Obs! Djurgårdsfärjan är inte en del av SL. (Note! The Djurgården-ferry is not a part of SL.) which I believe is the ferry you found from Slussen in Gamla Stan. You ...


User pnuts gave comment, that I want to promote to answer: The network [Vodafone], which covers both subway stations as well as tunnels, supports download speeds of up to 21.6 Mbps


The SL ferry is not covered, but the #80 ferry [timetable linked], is. Depending where you stay, and where you wish to go, that can be very handy. We spent 4 days in Stockholm and most certainly saved money using the Stockholm Card, but we are very fond of museums and started early in the morning.


If you have plenty of time, you can take the night bus operated by Croatia Bus, departing 22:00 in Sarajevo and arriving 06:00 in Zagreb. Then the train from Zagreb Glavni Kolod. at 09:57, arriving in Budapest 16:29. The price will be about 55€ (25€ for the bus and 30€ for the train).

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