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Here you go: 全国鉄軌道路線図 ¥1,296 from Amazon.co.jp. Here's a blog review with some pictures of the map folded out. And yes, that's entirely in Japanese, I very much doubt such a thing exists in English. To get some idea of the effort that would entail, here's a closeup of another incomplete & partial map covering just the Tokyo metro area.


Railway tracé by number of tracks: http://www.itoworld.com/map/14?lon=140.62370&lat=38.79141&zoom=5 Railway tracé by clearance, gauge, number of rails: http://www.itoworld.com/map/15?lon=140.62370&lat=38.79141&zoom=5


You take the train from Düsseldorf Airport to Bochum Hbf (main station) and change there to subway line U35, which will take you to the university. There are 3-4 trains per hour and the subway departs every five minutes, or even more often during rush hours. If you have a few minutes to spare, you might prefer the regional trains from Düsseldorf Airport to ...


Well, yes it sounds weird because it is weird. The 50 CUC on "Kometa" is round trip (see here) that includes a transfer from bus station to Port as far as I can tell but as mentioned on the page: "expect a lousy ride". On the bus that is. The flights are available too. Served by Cubana for $82/pp round trip. So it's up to you what you would like to do. ...


The answer to this is: Fairly. I didn't use a colectivo in the end myself - for our group and distance, a Taxi only cost 30 MXN more. The walk from the highway is real, but probably only 500m - 800m or so. There is a sidewalk on the highway overpass (if you need to get to/from that side of the road). Once over the highway there is a footpath seperated from ...


There might be no buses between Ancona and Fano, however there seem to be buses between Rome and Fano. According to Rome2Rio these are operated by Adriabus and depart daily from Roma Tiburtina train station. The total travel time is of about 04h30m which looks shorter than your train journey with the included 1h30m waiting time in Ancona. Should you prefer ...

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