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It is a bit of a drive (probably around 30-45 minutes, as you said), and as far as I know there is no public transport so you have to get a taxi (about $30 one way). However, you have 8 hours, so you are still left with 5 hours in Panama City. If I were you, I would definitely go for it. For example, you would manage to see all of the Casco Viejo and have a ...


While the city is only 15 minutes drive from the airport at times, given your narrow window, it would make more sense for your friend to come to the airport to meet you. Indeed, Wikitravel suggests that in busy periods, it can even take up to an hour, which you don't want if you're stressing about getting back to your flight! Assuming your bags are checked ...


Maybe you want to give this one a try: http://www.easyridepanama.com/ I once tried a similar service in Panama. It is not the cheapest but works usually. I can't say much more, really. Just use you mouse and click the link!

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