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The costs can be computed based on this PDF table (permanent link in case of update) or using the Single Fare Finder. With an Oyster card, a journey from Waterloo to Clapham Junction (zone 2) costs £2.20. From Waterloo to zone 3, you would pay £2.70 (all off-peak fares). If you plan several journeys within zone 1-3 on Saturday, you would pay £7.70 in total. ...


It's called "professional courtesy." That is, "Innkeepers" (and other professionals) will often look after "their own." In this case with a special rate. The idea is to build goodwill to ask for return favors. If I were in a "related" field, e.g. travel agent, or basically anything connected with travel, I would ask for the "innkeeper rate" and show them ...


Based on the way that rate is presented on the website you pointed us to, I would say that it is simply a discounted rate, that is called an "Innkeepers Rate" ie a special deal offered the Innkeeper himself/herself. Hotels can get quite creative with their discount program names trying to build the perceived value. Most professional rates, such as the ...


Based on this link, it seems to be just what it sounds like, a rate that another innkeeper would pay when staying there.

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