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According to the site of the National Railway Company, a trip between KolaĊĦin and Podgorcia costs 3.20 EUR in the second class and 4.80 in the first class. http://www.zcg-prevoz.me/ Enter your route in the timetable search engine onm the top left of the page and you will receive a timetable and the fares.


Rome2Rio has comparison of transport prices for these two cities. Bus - $8-$45 Train - $4 (takes 1 hour 20) and if you have a car, fuel is around $12-$18. Click the details on the mode of transport on the site for further details.


I have never come across any attempt to communicate directly on this on the airlines' side. Many consumers probably do not really notice and those who do either have good reasons to pay for premium tickets (e.g. business travellers who don't pay for their tickets and enjoy the perks) or simply accept they have to play the game to get cheaper fares. It also ...


It is a matter of "willingness to pay" and market price segmentation, which ultimately comes down to supply and demand. By the way, the pricing of a product has nothing to do with the cost of manufacture; this only applies for commodities. For all other products, a good pricing strategy will involve estimating the demand/price graph for the consumer group ...

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