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I live in Uruguay (and use ANCEL), but I'm in no other way affiliated with them. I just use them and recommend them when have friends visiting because they're, in my opinion, the best choice available here. With their Kit Prepago, you get: 500 SMS to other ANCEL mobiles 512 MBs to use the LTE network (or 384 MBs if you use the 3G infrastructure) 1000 mins ...


I'm not local from uruguay, but I spent a few summer vacations there. It semes that ANTEL has around 50% of the mobile market and, as far as I remember, ANTEL was the only company providing POTS telephony in Uruguay. It used to be a nation-wide monopoly and it seems to remain this way as this link (in spanish) says. That's why they can provide a much cheaper ...

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