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Not legal in the US: https://www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety/more_info/?hazmat=7 The 4 for gifts are not acceptable.


About cafes and such: A generally valid answer if a cafe has outlets near the tables won´t be possible, but nobody will have a problem if you just ask. More than "yes, there and there" or "no" won´t happen. This site lists some cafes, restaurants etc. with free WIFI: Afro Cafe, Bürgerspitalplatz 5 Altstadt Hotel Garni Trumer Stube, Bergstraße 6 ...


How about Coworking Salzburg? They rent coworking space for as little as 25EUR (as of writing), including a desk, power outlets and Wi-Fi. The location is not exactly central, but to be fair coworking spaces rarely are.


The Yubi Power Travel Battery Charger is small and lightweight making it a good choice for your travels.


According to the SeatGuru page on Oman Air (you can click on the plane model to see the details), there are power outlets on some of the planes, notably their A330s, while the other models don't have power outlets. A330-200: There is regular AC power onboard: one power port per First and Business Class seat and one shared between two seats within ...


Both Oman Air Flight 124 from Munich to Muscat and Flight 815 from Muscat to Bangkok usually operate with an Airbus A330-200, which has power plugs in all classes (one per seat in First/Biz, one per two seats in Economy). Beware that aircraft types are never guaranteed, so you may end up on another plane with no notice. However, Oman Air's only other ...


In 2009, in an act of stupidity, corruption and bad faith, the brazilian governament created a new standard that's different from all other countries in the world: This image shows the brazillian standard at the bottom and the number of countries (países, in red) that use each other standard. That said, it is still very common to find the american ...

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