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You should be right to use the same adapter BUT check the voltage! There's a significant difference between the UK and Japan! See http://www.whichplug.com/uk-to-japan/


Thanks to @Relaxed 's helpful comments I now know at least the power situation: right now you might find yourself on a train where only first class has power but this is changing and at some indefinite point in the future every seat will have power. Details: The SBB timetable change on 14 December 2014 says: From 14 December, passengers will be able to ...


Trains from Zurich to Milan are serviced by a number of companies. For routes that start with InterCity trains, Wi-Fi is offered in 1st class. Source Routes using InterRegio have free Wi-Fi, RegioExpress trains may also have Wi-Fi, please confirm. Source I don't know about EuroCity trains.

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