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Both of them will be ok. However, on my opinion, I would prefer type C, because it has more flexibility in using. Also type C can be used in a lot of countries. If you travel a lot it's a big advantage. More information you may find here: http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/typeC.htm


THIS WON'T WORK The approach I would recommend in this case is, for each device you want to charge, get a charger suitable for use in a car (ie from a 12V DC socket, like the cigarette lighter socket in cars) and then get a large 12V battery with that type of outlet. The batteries are generally sold for use with CPAP devices (a medical device used to treat ...


I saw on TV that it exists a solar charger around 17V. I guess that this could be an easy answer to your troubles. I've never tried it myself, but this is quite interesting. http://www.voltaicsystems.com/solar-macbook-charger And as Aditya said, I think that anyway, you will have to buy a MagSafe cable (Apple doing Apple stuff :) )


Okay, so I understand your issue and considering that you need to charge your laptop through a battery pack you will need a battery pack which can output a voltage higher than 5V which is the USB standard. For your Nikon D3, the battery is 11V and the standard charger provides 12.6V at 1.2 A in order to charge the battery. Now, one option which you should ...


You won't have any problem: voltage is the same and if you're only planning to plug chargers they require very little power so no issue there either


Avoid doing this and you will be safe :) Voltage won't be a problem. Still remember to check if travelling for other countries outside Europe. a few mobile and laptop chargers should not be a problem connected on the same power strip. Still, if you're planning to hook more devices be carefull with the itensity (and this is where you can screw up with too ...


I've done this all over the world without incident. Just make sure your devices are ok with the voltage coming from the wall, and that you're not throwing away grounding protection by using a two prong adapter instead of one with a grounding strip. To check voltages, I use Wikipedia. In your case Spain and the UK are on the same voltage, so that's not an ...

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