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Yes you may. Modern auto-switching computer adaptors will happily work between all worldwide voltage ranges supplied to consumers. As you say yourself, the adaptor claims to work from as low as 100 volts between live and neutral (the Japanese standard) up to 240 volts (the old British standard*, although from time to time even on the German grid the ...


A "Type C" adapter will work fine in Type E and Type F sockets. From AC power plugs and sockets: The separation and length of the pins allow its safe insertion in CEE 7/1, CEE 7/3 "Schuko", CEE 7/5, and most Israeli, Swiss, Danish and Italian sockets.


Although Germany uses Type F, in a few days visiting it I found a few outlets of C type. In Croatia almost every outlet is F type. Using a type C adapter would work on any case, as it has the same separation (19mm between the center of each pin) but thinner pins (4m vs 4.8mm). The only con is that it would fit a bit looser and will be easier to unplug it ...


My Surface Pro 3 has been to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and most of the Pacific Ocean. All I need is the plug adapter (two prong) not a converter. It works just fine. Cell phone chargers, camera chargers etc are also happy with 240, 110, or anything in between as long as you get an adapter for the prongs.

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