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As I understand it there are various categories of device that people use when taking equipment abroad. Plug adaptors simply convert the type of the plug, they do not change voltage. So they can only be used if the device is compatible with the voltage of the destination country. Thyrister or Triac based converters, work in a similar way to a lighting ...


There are a couple (literally: I saw 2) publicly accessible sockets in the primary B terminal, which is nice and modern but very crowded; both of the sockets I saw were in use, which isn't surprising because there were probably a couple hundred people in the terminal. However, but there are many more sockets in the A terminal, which is older, dirty, and ...


I'm not really sure what this has got to do with travel... You will need a new PSU unless your PSU also operates at 110V. Your alternative would be to use it with a high power transformer. I would not recommend it.


If the PSU doesn't say it will work on the lower voltage then it probablly won't. Normal sockets in the US are 120V. Most US houses will have both 120V and 240V available at the breaker panel in a "split phase" arrangement but normally the only 240V sockets will be specific ones for high power appliances (stoves, clothes driers, etc). If you own the ...

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