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How about Coworking Salzburg? They rent coworking space for as little as 25EUR (as of writing), including a desk, power outlets and Wi-Fi. The location is not exactly central, but to be fair coworking spaces rarely are.


About cafes and such: A generally valid answer if a cafe has outlets near the tables won´t be possible, but nobody will have a problem if you just ask. More than "yes, there and there" or "no" won´t happen. This site lists some cafes, restaurants etc. with free WIFI: Afro Cafe, Bürgerspitalplatz 5 Altstadt Hotel Garni Trumer Stube, Bergstraße 6 ...


Air China seems to have a policy in place for the batteries (or generally termed power banks) 10000mAh should amount to 36WH or 50Wh depending on whether the batteries are rated 3.6V or 5V. However still, policy says that 2 batteries are allowed that shouldn't exceed 160Wh. EDIT: As identified by @DCTLib below, only two spare batteries are allowed in cabin ...


The Yubi Power Travel Battery Charger is small and lightweight making it a good choice for your travels.

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