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Honestly, since the documents are only on the wrong side of London, it would surely be easier and certainly more reliable to get a colleague to bring the documents to Heathrow for you. Bring them back a nice gift from the country you're visiting and owe them a favour. Alternatively, look at getting the documents couriered but that will probably also be more ...


There is a branch of Mail Boxes Etc in Staines (http://www.mbe.co.uk/staines). You could contact them and see if they are willing to sign for documents for yourself. I use a different branch of Mail Boxes Etc for this purpose. How long is your layover and at which time...? Mail Boxes Etc are open from 10 am - 3pm. It should be around a 20 minute taxi ride.


According to postoffice.co.uk, the post office at Heathrow is in terminal 3 and its address is, Heathrow Airport Terminal Three Terminal Three Hounslow Middlesex TW6 1QG However, on the page on poste restante (a.k.a. general delivery), they say For Foreign Travellers in the UK: Before you travel to the UK, write to or call the Post Office ...

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