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You don't need any stickers in Poland, but you do need them in Slovakia, you can buy them at gas stations in SK. http://www.slovakia.com/travel/car/


If you're on a budget: 24h city transportation ticket is really cheaper than buy short-tern tickets each time. Check foursquare, soup can be found in ~5zl, quite good lunch in 15zl if not on budget - city taxi must have price displayed at the door, so you'll know what you'll have to pay before you get that car. Check weather forecast - it's almost cold ...


There is a train station within walking distance of the terminal, if you're going to take the train into the city, but last time I was there it was not easy to find: the signage was not very clear, basically. If you start walking along the airport access road you've gone too far. Other than this I think it is very simple and easy. WAW is a good airport.

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