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Well, as a person who used to live in Krakow I can say it was my impression too. However, it rather reminded problems in Balkan area, as Krakow never been an "problematic" area, not even important and famous communism-opposing events happened there (think rather Berlin, Gdansk..). So no, I see no connection between Krakow itself and Krakohzia from the movie.


According to Uber's fare estimator, the ride shouldn't cost more than 30PLN: If you haven't registered for Uber yet, you can use a promo code to get a free 50PLN ride.


It depends from where exactly in the centre and how much the given taxi charges per kilometre. To give you some background: all the taxis have a table with rates on their side window. Normal daytime rates vary between PLN 1.4 - 2.4 per kilometre, and there is some set multiplier for night rates (the same for all the taxis). Hotel taxis and taxis not in one ...

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