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Easiest option is to fly from Gdansk Airport to Frankfurt Hahn Airport for ~10 EUR on Wizzair: From Frankfurt Hahn Airport you can get to Frankfurt itself by taking a bus for 15 EUR. Total trip cost: 25 EUR. Total trip time: around 6 hours.


For buses inside Germany, and not only, check Meinferbus/Flixbus (unfortunately they don't have routes to Poland cities (yet)). For example, from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main the price would be 22 Euro. So, Option 1: Szczecin-Berlin ; Berling - Frankfurt by Meinferbus/Flixbus. Another option (much better I think), there are very cheap flights from Warsaw ...


Always try the website. They provide a very good overview of options and prices, anywhere in the world.


I see this trip on blablacar for 20-ish EUR. If you are OK with a car share I can't see how you could possibly get there cheaper.


You do not need a visa. The relevant directive is 2004/38/EC. Article 5, paragraph 2 says: Family members who are not nationals of a Member State shall only be required to have an entry visa in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 or, where appropriate, with national law. For the purposes of this Directive, possession of the valid residence card ...

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